Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

In ABSOLUTE CARE HOME HEALTH SERVICES our experienced physical therapists will help you to improve, develop, maintain and/or restore maximum movement potential and functional ability after an illness, surgery, or traumatic event.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists work with you to improve your cognitive and functional ability to perform basic activities of daily living.

Hypertension Program

Our skilled nursing focuses on patient self-management through education on symptoms, blood pressure monitoring, medication, diet, prevention strategies, and includes a comprehensive cardiac assessment.

Falls Prevention

In an effort to promote patient safety, we have incorporated a Falls Risk Assessment into the home health care admission process for all adult patients. Based on this assessment, the patient may be placed on the Falls Prevention Program.

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapists provide care that is designed to evaluate and treat neurological and cognitive disorders that cause difficulty with communication. Therapist will assess and provide intervention to address swallowing problems.

Lymphedema Program

LYMPHEDEMA is a disruption in the normal flow of lymph nodes resulting in an accumulation of interstitial proteins. Manifest like butter becoming rancid, free radicals are trapped in the tissues, denature proteins and oxidized cell membranes.

Cardiac Program

The Absolute Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a conditioning program which assists the cardiac patient and family with the transition from the inpatient setting to home. It enables the homebound patient to continue the rehabilitation started in the hospital.

Nursing Services

Skilled Nursing

Our knowledgeable nurses provide safe and effective care, including evaluation and monitoring of medical conditions, skilled procedures (such as medication administration and wound care) and providing education about medication, treatments and conditions.

IV Infusion Program

Going home with IVs can be very scary, but it doesn’t have to be. At ABSOLUTE CARE HOME HEALTH SERVICES, our specially trained team of infusion nurses coordinate a comprehensive home infusion therapy service. This includes education, delivery, and safe administration of intravenous medications.

Home Health Aide

In ABSOLUTE CARE HOME HEALTH SERVICES our home health aides are trained and certified to provide personal care that is essential to maintaining our patient’s health and well being. How does it work?

Medical Social Worker

Our medical social workers provide valuable services that help connect patients and their caregivers with community resources for social, emotional, financial, and personal problems associated with the patient’s illness and recovery.

Diabetes Program

Our Diabetes program offers a coordinated, comprehensive program that combines patient compliance with the expertise of a Diabetic Nurse educator. The nurse will work closely with the patient's physician.

Wound Care and Ostomy

Who should use this service? Patients need education on how to manage the care of their ostomies and wounds so that they can continue to live normal lives. We have developed strategies focused on both patients and caregivers.

Home Health Programs

Behavioral Health

Our Behavioral Health Program is designed to meet the home health needs of our psychiatric patients. The services provided in the program effectively provide transition from hospital to the home with ease for the patient and family.

Pain Management

Many people with the chronic pain try to endure it. But if untreated, the physical and emotional effects of chronic pain can be devastating. ABSOLUTE CARE HOME HEALTH SERVICES PAIN MANAGEMENT PROGRAM is designed to improve the quality of life for those suffering from chronic pain.

COPD Program

This program has been carefully designed to help improve the quality of life for patients living with COPD. Our skilled home care clinicians can help with oxygen therapy, medication management and monitoring of vitals, all essential to managing COPD effectively.

Chronic Kidney Disease

The CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE (CKD) program focuses on identification and treatment of kidney disease. The program provides earl assessment with the development of CKD. By partnering with physicians and other health care providers, such as dietitians and renal clinics to help implement this program.

Balance Program

ABSOLUTE CARE HOME HEALTH SERVICES ABSOLUTE BALANCE PROGRAM Is different than traditional Home Health Care. ABSOLUTE BALANCE PROGRAM is a multi-team approach to reducing your risk for falls.

Stroke Recovery

Our Stroke Recovery program enables us to deliver quality care for our patients who have recently suffered from stroke by educating them and their caregivers on all aspects of recovery including prevention of future strokes and the recognition of early warning signs.

CHF Program

The Absolute Congestive Heart Failure program is designed to increase the patient's knowledge regarding heart failure, thus improving their quality of life and reducing re-hospitalizations.

Orthopedic Program

The Absolute Orthopedic Home Recovery Program is designed for patients who elect to receive one-on-one rehabilitation at home under the direct supervision of the Orthopedist. It is a 6-week intensive program tailored to each individual patients' needs.