Wound Care and Ostomy

How does it work? ABSOLUTE CARE HOME HEALTH SERVICES Wound Care and Ostomy Program improves the comfort and quality of life for our patients.

  • With patient’s consent, visiting nurses take digital photos of all wounds requiring daily visits.
  • Nurses contact patient’s physician to discuss wound management and to request authorization to refer the patient to the Wound Care Specialist if initial treatment is not effective.
  • The Wound Care Specialist visits the patient within 72 hours and identifies an appropriate wound care protocol. The physician reviews the protocol and orders are obtained to implement the treatment.
  • The Wound Care Specialist reviews progress with the visiting nurse within two weeks of the initiation of treatment. At this time, a second digital photo is obtained.
  • If the protocol is effective, no changes are made. If the wound is not responding, we will notify patient’s physician to discuss alternate treatments.

Who should use this service? Patients need education on how to manage the care of their ostomies and wounds so that they can continue to live normal lives. We have developed strategies focused on both patients and caregivers.